Saltbush Kitchen Australian Seasonings Trio Pack 72g

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The perfect set to start your Australian taste adventure. Each set contains 1 x Campfire Salt, 1 x Fancy Salt and 1 x BBQ Urban Rub sold in sets of 3 x 24g.

Campfire Salt – best used on BBQ meats, roasted veggies and tomatoes, and on soups and stews. Ingredients – Sea salt flakes, kunzea, lemon myrtle, native thyme, chilli, tomato powder & black pepper.

Fancy Salt – best used on on summer salads, steamed greens, calamari and fresh fish, and even desserts. Ingredients – Sea salt flakes, lemon myrtle, mint, hibiscus flowers, onion flakes & raw sugar.

BBQ Rub – best used on roast chicken, bbq meats and roasted vegetables. Ingredients – Salt, mustard, brown sugar, raw sugar, lemon myrtle, chilli flakes, toasted sesame seeds, dried shiitake mushrooms, tomato powder, nori, black pepper.

All products are free from additives, fillers and processing.

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